Monday, June 15, 2015

Cardinal Color Rush 5k run.

Well, we were good sports and all went out to support the Soda Springs Cardinals by running in the Cardinal Color Rush. All of the kids made it through and ran really strong and I’m very proud of all of them! The colors were fun and it came out of all of our clothing, but not all the way out of my hair, nor Isaiah’s hair. We both got our hair trimmed, which helped. Isaiah had a big hair cut and wanted to keep his rainbow hair, lol… so we put it in a ziplock bag and put it in his box of keepsakes. I love being active with my family! It’s the most fun kind of exercise out there. Aaron did an excellent job keeping Samuel happy and we sure love and appreciate his willingness to help and support us! I think he should for sure have a turn next year, since I’ve ran in it the last couple of years! The kids are already looking forward to next year…


Memorial Day.


They were the hardest days of my life thus far, yet the most cherished... oh, the love I have for my family. My children are my everything and goodness gracious, I certainly miss this one dearly. Today I choose to remember those 44 days, but particularly the 37 at home that were not expected, but gifted. Our little miracle, oh how his life has made such a difference, not only in his families' lives, but the lives of all those that have had the opportunity to learn of Stephen's short life and his sacred journey home. My life will never be the same. So many blessings and life-long lessons have come from trusting in the Lord and choosing to pedal forward through such difficult trials, knowing all to well that we have special little angels on the other side of the veil that are helping us and relying upon us to do so!

I hope we can spread a contagious love all around to those that need an extra hug, kiss, smile, etc... today. Life is beautiful and loss is ALWAYS going to be hard, but I truly believe that all we will experience and come to endure in this short life, will be worth it as we venture into the eternities.


Mother’s Day!

Well I think Grandma Bowman got ripped off this year for Mother’s day because we only got to see her at church (only sitting quietly next to her), then we ate at the same restaurant as her and Great Grandma Bolton, but not close enough to have any conversation, and then lastly we gave her a gift as we said goodbye and traveled to see another Grandma…. so we owe her an extra awesome Mother’s day next year!


Happy Mother’s Day to our Moms, Grandmas and Great Grandmas!!! Please know that we love you all dearly! You all have been such examples in our lives. Our relationship with each of you is such a blessing in our lives. We owe our lives to YOU! Thank you so very much for your patience, kindness, and especially for your love. We love you all very, very, very much. and then even more than that!

This year we were able to take Grandma HowDeeDoo to the garden center and pick out some flowers to plant in her yard. Then we mowed, raked, and cleaned up her front yard a bit. The kids enjoyed helping her!


We also were able to visit Grandma Fishy and Great Grandma Fulwyler! We had dinner and an awesome evening together. The kids even got to play with their cousins!


I did NOT get left out! I had the greatest Mother's day ever!!! I was completely spoiled! My kids spent hours, I'm sure of it, crafting and creating special things just for me, such wonderful gifts! The kind that you cherish for a life-time. Cards with words that just heal you and make all the blood, sweat, and tears completely worth it! I love them with my whole heart and am so very grateful for each one of them in my life!

Aaron, completely surprised me (us) with a gift that I am just so super excited about.... a trip to The Riviera Maya in Mexico!!! May 30th-June 6th ♡ I love my children dearly, but since we have neverrr gone anywhere without them and since our 12th wedding anniversary is just a month away... we are going on this trip ALONE! I can't hardly wait.

I love you Aaron Bowman! You are the very best husband this Mom could ever ask for!! Thanks for making this day so special ♡♡♡


Schools out for the Summer!

I cannot believe that School is out! Because we’ve already packed it full of so many things!!! 3 kisa playing baseball (I’m coaching Isaiah in T-ball), Dad and Mom’s trip to Mexico, Trip to Iowa for Ellen’s wedding, Piano lessons, and the yearly Summer reading program! That is just what we have going on this month. Yikes!! I am so happy to have the opportunity to try to hang out with the kids a little bit more! I love them and love having them around!! The kids are funny. If they aren’t doing something for five minutes, they think it is time to call a friend or time to go to the pool. They never want to stop! I’ll keep dreaming what it feels like to be rejuvenated from a nap. Always something to do. Tis the life that I’d rather, I suppose. We are certainly blessed.


Fun Run 2015.

Well we fun-runned it up from 8 am to 4 pm this day! The kids did fabulous. Isaiah ran so many laps alongside all the grades that I even lost count. Emma ran 20 laps and Wesley ran 28 laps! These kids are fast and so very very VERY Fast! The weather was perfect. It was a little chilly, but perfect for running if you ask me. I helped cut apples and oranges and distribute them, but only after the kids ate their snow cone would any of them even have an interest. It was a fun day. Thirkill parents and staff are so AWESOME! The kids raised $16,535.16 for playground equipment (swings, jump ropes, balls, etc..).


A trip to see Boise Family.

We had a lot of fun this last May, visiting Josh, Annie, Rylee, Jack, and Zoey. We were lucky enough to spend the majority of the weekend with them. The kids even got to have a sleepover together! They love their cousins and miss them so very much. They actually all could be siblings if you ask me. Lots of blondies, that’s for sure. We love you guys, thanks for the fun memories and we already look forward to next year!

This was our first stop while we waited for the cousins to get home from school- MK Nature Center.20150501_13193820150501_13424220150501_13460020150501_135509

The kids were pretty excited to go swimming in the pool. When we got their, we had to fish some baby ducks out first. The kids got to hold them for a minute or two. As you can see, Samuel is a professional. LOL. 20150501_150500

One morning, I took the kids to the Boise zoo. Nothing compares to our favorite zoo (Omaha Zoo) but it was still fun nonetheless.


The kids had a lot of fun at the park with their cousins. We went and played for a couple of hours before we headed back home. The kids slept well in the car on the way home, but they weren’t very happy to have to leave. They were angry with me, thinking that we shouldn’t have had to leave until it got dark. I definitely wish we could have stayed a few more days. These kids are all just the cutest!